“Trip On My Words” puts the Manwolves on full display

It seems like Adam Levine found himself through every corridor of hip hop, through Kanye, Kendrick and even Wiz at one point. Still, hip hop never broke through with the Blue-Eyed Soul scene until now. “Trip On My Words” is Manwolve’s, a Chicago group synonymous with fusing hip-hop with jazz and pop-rock, latest outing that is an excellent find from the already booming hip-hop haven.

The song cover is a mess of hand-drawn faces and sketches of people with suits and checkered sweaters. The first third of the song finds itself just as disjointed as the cover, but Manwolves finds an incredibly tight grip on their instrumentation once the hook hits.
One of the best parts of this track is the hook, which works as a self call for the singer’s ambition to be a better writer and prove his worth. The trumpet, keys and band percussion do nothing but work with the vocalist to compliment the feel of the whole track.

“Like some Goodyear, running so fast with these wings on;” the genius of “Trip On My Words” comes from its lightheartedness but its self awareness in regards to the band’s abilities. Manwolves is a musically talented band, on a technical level, it’s even better that they know exactly how to display that talent. The first song on the related tracks section of Soundcloud is Chance the Rapper, which isn’t surprising at all. However, if “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 was on there, I would be just as apathetic.

Listen to “Trip On My Words” below and let us know what you think of the new track in the comments section. Keep up with the Manwolves on their Twitter @MANWOLVES for up to date news with the Chicago band and be sure to come back to True Too for all of your hip-hop news and needs.

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