Future Turns “Mask Off” Into a Movie

We all know of the hit-machine the people call Future, and if you aren’t familiar with his latest chart topper “Mask Off” then you must not have access to the Internet. Or you actually live in a hole, not just figuratively. If, by some miracle, you’ve managed to avoid hearing that infectious flute then today’s the day to buckle down and listen to the track, though now accompanied by some visuals. Directed by Colin Tilley, the video (or movie as Future would like us to refer to it as) is visually stunning, although it does little to add to the already huge amount of hype surrounding the track.

Basically, the video is just Future driving through some sort of purge scenario where everyone is wearing masks (duh). Oh, and Amber Rose is riding shotgun, but she also appears in a room of mirrors wearing a spiked muzzle/necklace combo that, when combined with the lack of hair, makes her look like a female version of Hellraisers Pinhead. The opening minute is odd as well, as it just establishes the chaos that is ensuing while playing a brief snippet from further along in the video as well as the intro from “Perkys Calling” off of Purple Reign. The best part of the video is probably the decision to include a random character that is seen playing the flute in a few brief scenes, but that was an obvious directorial call to make.

It’s the commercial factor that’s annoying here, as you could also cut out most of the action scenes and it would just be a Bentley ad. And then there’s the completely random closeups on Beats earbuds that may be the most blatant example of product placement I’ve ever seen in a video. We’ll see how Future’s fans respond to the ad *ahem* video.

In the end though it seems like Future can do no wrong when producing new content; there’s always some hungry stans out there just waiting to eat it up. What are your thought on the new visual, did Future do “Mask Off” justice? Let us know in the comments and as always stay tuned to True Too for all things hip hop.

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