MastodonRare Debuts With Apotheosis

MastodonRare is an up and coming Arizona rapper that has been on our radar for months. Today he has finally entered into the limelight with his first full-length project, Apotheosis. Starting from the beginning of the year MR has dropped a few hot singles like “The Internet” and “The Revenant Intro” which have both have ended up on our monthly Singles Roundup Playlists. Just a few weeks ago we premiered the second track on the project, “All For You”. The smooth romance displayed by fellow Arizona artists Emmitt Dupree and SonnyFromMars creates a chemistry that is infectious. Starting his verse with strong energy and delivering clever punchlines back-to-back, MastodonRare is setting himself up to be the leader of the rap scene in the south west.

Damn, the things I must

of did right in my past life.

I mean besides the fact I’m not the

type of guy that your dad likes.

With a mix of tempos and sounds MastodonRare touches on every type of vibe with his first full-length project. From smooth R&B to urban Trap-rap; The young man has quite the arsenal of sound to unload. If the tracks on Apotheosis are any indication of the future music delivered by this AZ emcee his fans will have good music on repeat for a while. As his reach and his style becomes wider you should expect to see MR and his fellow Arizona company in a city near you! Looking to start a global takeover, MastodonRare has things started on the right path with Apotheosis. Now with this full-length project under his belt things look like they can only go up for Mastodon and his burning potential to burst onto the scene.

Be sure to stream Apotheosis on SoundCloud below and follow True Too for all things hip-hop.


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