MastodonRare presents The Lights EP

We recently premiered MastodonRare‘s track “Doin My Thing,” and now we are excited to announce the release of his latest project, The Lights EP. The project runs for six tracks, and is beaming with positivity about his current life. Ain’t no demons going to catch up with him. Shouts out to optimism.

The second track on The Lights is “look!” as Mas begins to promptly deliver us bars, really establishing the tone of the project in one go. It’s good to be feeling yourself every now and then, and Mas was definitely vibing on that track. The Lights is a nice pick-me-up from the Arizona MC, and fits nicely with the Summer coming up. No more rainy day blues. With tracks like “I’m Up!” you can’t help but get lost in the good vibes. It’s nice to see artists turn over a new leaf, and share their lives with us through the music. The Lights is all about that. If you’re in a dark time, Mas doesn’t want you guys to ever stop looking for the light. “Black Godz” features Chief DZE, and is another moment on the project where Mas is able to stunt on everybody. He’s definitely not letting the haters bring him down anymore.

MastodonRare is onto a new sound as an artist, and that comes in part, due to his new look on life. He’s sharing his message with all of us, so take a listen to The Lights below and here’s to hoping we all have brighter days.

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