MastodonRare Does It “All For You”

In wake of his upcoming mixtape Apotheosis, Arizona rapper MastodonRare has been busy dropping new singles off the soon to drop project. Last time we heard from Mastodon was for the track “Grand Slam” where he took the time to appreciate the things that have come his way and all of things he has made happen, and still wants to make happen. It was a solid group effort from Mastodon and his fellow AZ rappers. Today, True Too is proud to premiere Mastodon’s new track titled “All For You” featuring Emmitt Dupree and SonnyFromMars. “All For You” is a devotion to all things love:

I’m trying, girl you know I’m doing my best / To keep my heart from beating out of my chest

Ladies all over are about to start swooning Mastodon’s way with a track like this. As a grown man, I have no shame in admitting that the Flip-D produced beat makes me feel as happy as a schoolgirl. That hook is silky smooth as SonnyFromMars croons over the uplifting beat – like Prince and Purple Rain smooth. “All For You” is all about that girl who is holding you down no matter what, and how you want her to know you reciprocate that feeling. This is that love everyone is searching for; If you already have it then you know how to truly appreciate this track. At around the 1:15 mark, Mastodon takes on some autotune; creating a hypnotizing effect at a crucial point in the track. The move works very well as it doesn’t come off forced or corny. Instead it becomes a highlight. Throughout history, rappers have had this toughness about them or a toughness facade rather, and it’s always exciting to see when rappers break that mould and share their softer side. It’s brave and bold. “All For You”” comes off with such a clean and pure sincerity you can’t help but appreciate.

MastodonRare continues to impress and grow after each track he drops which shows a lot of promise and potential for the young artist. With his debut Apotheosis coming on September 30th, it seems things are only going to get bigger and brighter. Be sure to keep an eye out on True Too as we will definitely be covering all things Apotheosis.


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