MastodonRare releases the “Wounded” visual

Arizona MC MastodonRare entered 2018 coming off quite a prosperous past year. He dropped his best project yet with Thank God 4 The Westside, Thank God 4 U, a project that not only was a dedication to his girlfriend but it also seemed to help usher in a new way of looking at life for the young rapper, as he was able to really hone in on a sound that was his own. This time around he has returned with a video for the lead track “Wounded,” one of the most obvious and enjoyable highlights from TG4TWTG4U. This is a solid start to the new year for Mas, as it sets the stage for a consistent output of music and other content.

“Wounded” is a track that carries a lot of weight and feeling. Mas got really personal on this project and this is a prime example as he lays it all out on the table for us. He talks about love, past friendships, and his late brother throughout his verses. “I started writing it as a love song, hence the last lines of each verse,” says Mas. “It’s part love song and part realizing how alone I feel at times and how I don’t want to be alone again, because that would mean I’d lost the last love of my life.” Sometimes in life we have to go through a period of feeling something dark to realize that we need to flip the switch and bring back in that positivity, which is a testament that rings through on the hook.

This visual was directed by Mark Johnston, and prominently features Mas and Turo Sivirian roaming around the city just doing them. The city’s late night lighting and ambience helps capture the overall mood of “Wounded” and keeps you focused on the bigger message at hand.

Check out the full video right here:

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