The Inner-Workings Behind Max Wonders

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Max Wonders

Max Wonders is an 18 year old rapper hailing from South Side Chicago but now resides in East Hollywood. The young rapper is part of a creative collective “2088,” which surrounds every facet of his music; everything from the production, to the album covers, photos, marketing, and anything else that is part of the final product; all of the work on the final product comes directly from the members of 2088.

He recently released an EP titled You Will Never Find and is currently working on his debut album, scheduled for early 2016. I sat down with Max and discussed his music, architecture, the importance of learning, his upcoming album, and how the rapper doesn’t even listen to hip-hop. Peep the audio from our interview below.



After speaking with Max Wonders, it’s clear to see his dedication to growing as a person and relaying this growth through his music. The rapper has a collected sense of his own talents and desires. Furthermore, he radiates a sense of maturity and sophistication that transcends his young age.

I am eager to observe his upcoming project and growth. Max Wonders has the mindset necessary to create dope music and thrive in a new upcoming age of hip hop.

Keep up with Max: SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Website

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