Meek Mill – Dreamchasers 2

DJ Drama has soundtracked a lot of my academic career. It’s an undeniable fact that when I study, my music choices depends entirely on the subject. For me, writing has always come naturally. It’s been the math and science classes which have always given me more difficulty than any letters have. Of course by the time you’re a send semester high school senior, not much matters for your academics and by the time May 7th rolled around I had completely thrown in the towel on my high school career. I had only one final left and it had no real impact on my graduation so when my friend sent me the link to what he said was “gonna be the soundtrack to summer, dude” I was totally down to listen and half ass my studying.

It was three days before the servers at could even process my download request. Dreamchasers 2, Meek Mill’s second project hosted by DJ Drama had already flown into the most downloaded slot on Datpiff within six hours of its release. By the time I got the tape, the number was hovering around four million unique downloads and if you check today the number is close to four and half million.

Featuring Drake, Jeremih, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Rick Ross, Fabolous, French Montana, Trey Songz, Wale, Sam Sneaker, 2 Chainz, Louie V, and Mac Miller the mixtape is anything but a Meek Mill showcase. Admittedly, pretty much every artist in the MMG is out of my traditional taste in hip hop but that’s where the strength of Dreamchasers 2 comes from for me.

“Intro” is exactly what you want from any Meek song; staccato delivery, braggadocio straight out of the shit talking manual, and deep ominously rumbling horns. “Ready or Not” flips a Fugees sample into a contemplation of the rap industry. The pacing of the mixtape is superb, following the first two songs with the uplifting “Amen” featuring Drake and Jeremih. While Kendrick and Big Sean’s features both stumble a bit (“A1 Everything” and “Burn”, respectively), the standout tracks come later in the tape when Meek is set loose on beats like “Flexing”, who also produced “Burn” and would later go on to produce Bobby Shmurda’s hit “Hot N*gga”.

The only true weakness of the tape is the weakness that seems to plague MMG regardless of the project. It’s at some point around the fourth song that you realize that the beats and vibes won’t ever change within this tape and the flow will always be the same “one-two-three-four” delivery. “On My Way”, the second to last track on the album has Meek delivering life advice and motivation to those he calls “the still grindin’”. As inspirational as the beat and song try to be, it falls well short and ends up coming off more as a Horatio Alger “Look I Made It And You Can Too Story”. The “Outro” though shows Meek at his best. Lyrical play and barking vocals bring the hype that you typically think of when you consider MMG and are the central strength of this classic tape.

To get acquainted with this tape, you can download or stream at Feel free to let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

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