Mick Jenkins fires back at Vic Spencer with “HeadAss”

HeadAss - Mick Jenkins via Soundcloud
HeadAss - Mick Jenkins via Soundcloud

Mick Jenkins & Vic Spencer are two of the most skilled rappers coming out of Chicago. Recently they got into a Twitter altercation over a comment Vic Spencer made about popular Chicago nightspot “The East Room“. Following the argument Vic unleashed a diss track aimed at Mick titled “Dick Jerkins“. The track featured clips from the hilarious Water Boy movie and snippets of Vic mocking Jenkins’ “Drink More Water” mantra.

This is an excerpt of what Vic had to say about the situation via his Soundcloud. Read the rest here.

“This all happened because he talking about shit that he has no business talking about. That East Room tweet had nothing to do with him, I never dissed him … He running around acting like I’m not a beast but the people that signed him loves my shit though. STOP PLAYING WITH ME.”

We have been waiting for a Mick response ever since (1 week is a long time on the internet). It’s understandable that Mick is busy but being the kind soul that he is, he took a break from touring and dropped a response to the “Dick Jerkins” diss with “HeadAss“… ON VIC SPENCER’S BIRTHDAY! Jenkins, backed by a Kaytranada beat, proceeds to lyrically dismantle his opponent.

If that wasn’t enough he used the hilarious image of the “Why You Lyin” guy as the cover art. I think Mick is mad.

You talkin’ crazy, I employ you to quit
34 years, you still ain’t figured it out yet
I’m way more plugged into your creative outlet
10 years my senior, but I couldn’t tell by your demeanour
At your court serving love like a young Serena

Check out “HeadAss” below and let us know who you think won.

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