Mick Jenkins – San Diego – North Park Theater

A new DJ then went on stage and started playing a few songs. Then Kendrick’sAlright” started playing. Slowly Mick walked on stage grooving to the track. This was so cool to me.


The Mind was also on stage dancing behind his mic stand. It seemed like Mick and his team really enjoyed this song and just wanted to listen to it. With his hair not braided looking like a poodle and wearing a plain white tee the waters were ready to flow. He went straight into “Rain” which was a track not added to The Water[s] but still fits the theme.
He then went on to play a few songs from The Water[s] but he would often change the tone of the words which I really enjoyed. It often sounded like a new version of the song. The Mind was on stage with him but was singing through a vocal pedal that made him sound like a robot. He was often drowned out by the backtrack and it never really fit into the vibe of the show. At this point the venue was about half way full and the crowd has vibing well but not getting too crazy.
He then preformed what he said was tracks from his up coming project Wave[s]. Check out the video I took of the tracks here

He then preformed “514” and the crowd was pretty dead at this point. That continued when he preformed the next two tracks from his older mixtape Trees and Truths. Maybe he saw that it was getting dead so he preformed another song from Wave[s]. It almost got the energy back into the crowd because a half effort mosh pit formed in front of me.
After performing “Jazz” and “Martyrs”, the instrumental of “Straight Outta Compton” began to play. Everyone vibed to this track but Mick cut it early to ask everyone if they know what “drink more water” meant. After giving an explanation he gave praise to his DJ, DJ Green Slime and went straight into “Jerome”. After his second verse I was fully prepared for Joey to come out and make the place go crazy but instead he thanked everyone and walked off stage.

The curtains were lowered and the lights came on. That seemed like a perfect chance to transition into Joeys set but I’m not a famous rapper so what do I know? He was on stage for only about 45 minutes and it never really got too hype. Mick would kinda kill the energy by preaching to the crowd but I was alright with it because he isn’t the type of rapper to play bangers for an hour. Drink More Water

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