Mike Melinoe Celebrates “Four 20” A Few Days Early this Year

four 20 mike melinoe organic geniuses

Easter Sunday might have been yesterday, but the week’s festivities have yet to conclude. This Thursday, you can chalk every empty seat in your Communications 101 class to the smokey holiday of 4/20. Three days early, we might have started celebrating already.

Mike Melinoe, cofounder of the Detroit hip hop group Organic Geniuses, dropped a single today in anticipation of both the green holiday and his upcoming EP.

True Too Exclusive: Get to Know Mike Melinoe of the Organic Geniuses

The single, rightfully titled “Four 20,” begins with high pitched trap bells leading into the drop and then Mike’s lowly tuned hook. Fellow Detroit producer Lo Beatz produced the instrumental, which sets the tone as what portrays chill and artsy vibe on the surface sure 180’s into a certified banger to start. Mike breaks into his usual lyricism over some interesting background vocals, as he definitely expressed an inner demon with the high screeched adlibs dispersed throughout. Spoiler alert, it’s eerie.

The second standalone release of Mike’s #MelinoeMondays, “Four 20” is short and sweet at just over two minutes. The hype track succeeds the first single, “Control,” and continues the theme of atmospheric trap thus far.

Stream “Four 20” below and stay tuned for more coverage on Mike Melinoe here at True Too Hip Hop.

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