Let’s Take A Trip Through Mike Melinoe’s Universal Aspirations

mike melinoe caveman universal aspirations music video

Just because someone is a rapper does not mean that they are an artist. In this case, the main difference being laying 16 bars and dropping a track versus laying that same track, directing its vision and cultivating the creative process, through its entirety, up to and beyond its release to the public. And not every song is equal to another. Fewer, rather than more, of a musician’s creations are given an additional visual counterpart. One must choose wisely when allocating resources for shooting a video, so we as fans know that any track that makes it that far must be special.

This perfectly describes the newest visual from Mike Melinoe, co-founder of hip hop group Organic Geniuses, with his release of “Universal Aspirations.” The track is not new, it concludes his 2016 EP CavemanIt has however, brought visual life to a momentous part of his artistic revival within the extended play. Caveman is and was all about starting over. A blank canvas. And now the story is fully written.

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The music video for “Universal Aspirations” is a dense depiction of the chaos that ensues throughout Caveman. The track boosts a base layer of psychedelic synths and echoing piano chords that set an eerie and anxious atmosphere. The complementary visuals are a trip as well, to say the least. Mike employs a perspective that’s created using reflective camera angles in two’s and four’s, with distorted banners at the top and bottom of the screen. The visual effects switch from outer-space to digitized to nature-esque, with Mike rolling around in the woods. This causes the video to pull its viewer in every which way.

Furthermore, Mike spits rhymes that are an articulately organized mess; ideas all over the place but at the same time flowing synonymously with the filmmaker’s direction. The chopped ‘n screwed hook brings the track together and provides a particularly catchy adhesive to the disarray that is “Universal Aspirations.”

I just want to rule the world, this gold ain’t nothing on me. I’m riding down this highway with a group of girls and they all got mouths on me.

The Detroit native seems to have picked up on some of Texas’ local sounds since moving there. Despite this, he reps his home state hard in the video with a Michigan hat (Go Blue).

The culmination of the video features a grand finale of flashing lights during the hook, at a faster louder more aggressive rate than before. This probably warrants and epilepsy warning, so tread carefully. This climactic ending truly delivers justice to the trip that is “Universal Aspirations.”

Peep the music video below and let us know what you think in the comment section. For all things hip hop keep reading at True Too.

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