Miracle – Sounds of the Youth Review

Soundcloud has become the go-to platform for artists to easily share free content with their fans. Miracle has used this platform with the independent release of his new mixtape Sounds of the Youth. Coming off the success of his songs “Renegades” and “Hold Back The River,” the release of this tape attempts to mark a new, more mature evolution of Miracle’s career. While boosted by impressive production and showing glimpses of brilliance, the tape suffers from inconsistency throughout its 13 tracks.

As the title explicitly suggests with #SOTY, Miracle endeavours to chronicle the thoughts of the youth. In certain aspects he certainly hits the mark, in others he completely misses the target. The mixtape opens strong with its standout track “Upside Down.” Produced singlehandedly by Miracle, as is much of the project, “Upside Down” sees the Sydney MC struggling with self-doubt over the career he has chosen. Miracle attempts to break society’s shackles in his struggle for success in an unorthodox career path. He asks “Is it all in vain?”, which is a question lots of us have no doubt pondered at times. The song is a touching and insightful look into his mindset, and something that all young people can empathise with.

Unfortunately, the tape doesn’t continue with this theme coherently throughout. Generic club songs like “Right Now,” “Squad” and “Ravioli” are sure to win over the radio fans, but seeing the talent and potential of Miracle, it is frustrating to hear it wasted on tracks like these. Miracle is at his best when being self-reflective, rapping about his life experiences. While club songs are sadly essential for commercial success, I’d like to hear Mira be less Future and more J Cole. Inspiration seen clearly through superstars, throughout the tape the trap influences of Future, Young Thug and Fetty Wap can’t be ignored. Miracle uses the sounds of his rap idols to attempt to develop his own new sound, using the SOTY to experiment with his voice, and free releases like this are the perfect medium in which to do that.  Projecting new paths becomes personified within the production, which is the project’s standout feature and something that Miracle has shown his proficiency for throughout his career. At no time is this more evident than in the standout track ‘Thotiana,” which sees Miracle showing his disdain for attention seeking women, questioning the ethics and priorities of “thots.”  “You sell your body for likes, sell your soul for love.” While the concept behind the song is hardly original, Miracle’s rap is infectious and is supported valiantly by a beat that wouldn’t be out of place on a Drake album.

SOTY marks a new period of Miracles career. The new sounds being explored in the tape, while sometimes generic, show his exploratory and experimental side. SOTY is a solid project as Miracle evolves into a more mature sound, though hopefully in the future we will see Mira explore more of that inner dialogue and emotionally strong content. As a long time follower of Miracle, I’m optimistic and excited to see where he goes next – you should be too. 

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