Mo-G: Drake’s Latest Co-Sign


Once again it’s Drizzy Season, and with that comes new trends, memes, and questions. Most of the time these questions are us wanting to know the people Drake mentions in his songs. In “Summer Sixteen,” Drake name dropped a couple of familiar names. One unfamiliar name to the mass was Mo-G, the Creator of the hotline bling dance move.

Mo-G with the dance moves
Ave Boy with the dance moves


While the majority of the rap world is new to Mo-G, the rap scene in Toronto, however, is no stranger to the local MC. He first became a hit with his local banger “Still” featuring SmokeDawg. Lyrics like,  “Switch it to the left, like Ginobli” garnered much-needed attention to the young man, as his views steadily skyrocketed. It’s in this very video where the Hotline Bling dance originated from. Mo-G would later take the video down for unknown reasons, though conspirators would later claim OVO had played a part in this.

Mo-GThe star boy from the city, Mo-G is a Somali-Canadian raised in the downtown neighborhood Regent Park. He’s a member of Halal gang, featuring local Toronto artists. Just last December, Mo was a guest performer for friend Safe, an OVO affiliate as they sold out the Mod club theater in downtown Toronto. He recently dropped a 3 track mixtape titled Ave Boy, inspired by his life living in Regent Park, his friend Andrew Wiggins, and the death of his close friend Chief Ano. We should all be on the lookout for this soon to break out star. In his own words, “Every day is a Henny day and 2016 is my year.” It’s 2016, and we are finally listening.