Mother’s Day Rap Roundup

It’s Mother’s Day, a day that was created to celebrate the amazing women that raise us and provide us with unconditional love. This incredible showing of affection isn’t lost on even the hardest of rappers, and more often than not, you hear interviews where rappers say the first big thing they bought was a new house for their moms. Some even go as far to immortalize their mothers through songs dedicated to them. From Tupac to Kanye there’s no shortage of mom-themed hits; hell even Lil B has a song dedicated to the based-mom. We’re reserving this list for songs praising moms, so don’t expect to see “Kim” by Eminem or “Ya Mama” from The Pharcyde. Here are some of the best for you to listen to with your mother today.

Kanye West – “Hey Mama”/”Only One”

Donda West was one of her son’s biggest inspirations, having raised him in Chicago on her own after divorcing his father. She was also a big-shot teacher, earning a doctorate in English and at one time serving as the Chair of the English department at Chicago State. It’s no wonder he son turned into the uber-successful lyricist he is today with those kinds of genes. Kanye’s song “Hey Mama” is his way of showing Donda how much she means to him, and is one of the more touching mom rap songs out there. Unfortunately, she passed away after health and heart complications in 2007, but though she is gone she is certainly not forgotten. DONDA is the name of Kanye’s creative content company, and he has also gone on to write “Only One,” a song from the perspective of his mother looking down on him and North West (it’s also the title of an announced but since forgotten video game about Donda). Below is a touching performance of “Hey Mama” that Kanye did while sitting next to Donda.

Tupac – “Dear Mama”

Starting with an anecdote about how Tupac’s mother almost had to give birth in prison, she was fortunately acquitted only a month or so before he was born. Pac’s lyrics clearly show how much he cares for his mother, especially given the perspective he has as a man. Another single mother, though she had her own issues she still did everything she could to care for his son, and he cared right back. “There’s no way that I could pay you back, but the plan is to make you understand: you are appreciated,” is a lesson everyone can take from Pac’s lyrics, because it’s so true. Appreciate your mama’s not only today, but everyday.

Mac Miller – “I’ll Be There”

Off of one of his breakout mixtapes, Mac Miller follows in the footsteps of Pac and raps about all the great things his mom did for him in the past that he didn’t appreciate at the time. It’s all tied together with an amazing hook sung by the talented Phonte. Mac understands that his mom was always there for him, even having covered for him when he skipped school. Now it’s his turn to be there for his mother, doing whatever he can to make her life as special as she made his. This is definitely a good one to listen to with mom, as the production is very accessible, and you know she’ll love Phonte’s voice.

Lil B THE BASEDGOD – “Best Mom Ever”

Since it was mentioned earlier there’s no way it could be left out of this roundup. Lil B puts what we’re all thinking into song: that we have the best mom ever. It’s accompanied by an interesting music video, to say the least, but the based mom gets to make an appearance which is a nice touch. A timeless pledge of loyalty to the one that birthed him, Lil B really knows how to make some hits about moms.

Chance the Rapper – “Hey Ma”

Of course Chance the family man has a song dedicated to his mama. One of the better songs off of 10 Day, Chano does the same as all of the other songs on here, though over an uplifting beat courtesy of Peter CottonTale and some beautiful backing female vocals provided by Lili K. An especially touching music video which starts with old pictures of Chance and his mother when he was but a wee lad. The photo frame effect that remains throughout the video as well is especially creative and gives it a unique touch.

Outkast – “Ms. Jackson”

While this one may not be as wholesome as the rest, it’s important to not only appreciate what your mother does for you but also your baby mama, your baby mama’s mama and so on. Plus, there’s a good chance your mom is already a fan of this uber hit from the classic album ATLiens. Plus the fact that they made animals vibe to the beat in the video was an excellent creative decision. Just make sure you remind your mama/baby mama/baby mama’s mama that you won’t mess up like Outkast did with Ms. Jackson’s daughter.

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