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It’s Thursday night. While it’s not quite the weekend yet, who says the fun can’t start right now? In comes Movie Night Thursdays, a way for you to relax and enjoy yourself, while appreciating a little hip-hop (of course). MNT will be a way for us at True Too to share some of our favorite movies, TV series, video games, music videos, or documentaries with all of our readers. This way you will always be able to kick it back properly.

The Wackness

So The Wackness is a movie I stumbled upon a few years ago. For some back story, I was mainly intrigued in the film because it stars Josh Peck as Luke Shapiro, a semi depressed hip-hop loving drug dealer in 1994’s New York City who just graduated from high school. Subsequently, it is a completely different role than what I have seen from him on Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh. That’s where my priorities were at. Anyways, this coming-of-age story was released in 2008 and is directed by Jonathan Levine, whose work you might know from Warm Bodies and The Night Before. So that’s a pretty dope list. It also stars Ben Kingsley, Olivia Thirlby, and the one and only Method Man. The Wackness ended up winning the Audience Award for Dramatic Film at The Sundance Film Festival in 2008.

I’m definitely anti-spoilers, so here’s a short and safe clip:

First off, yes, Josh Peck just said “breasteses.” Also, we all just definitely saw Kingsley (playing Dr. Squires, a psychiatrist) doing some gnarly bong rips in front of his patient Luke Shapiro, played by Peck. That probably warrants enough to watch, but it turns out that Shapiro also sells weed to Dr. Squires’ step daughter Stephanie (played by Thirlby). Which makes for a less than ideal scenario. Stephanie and Luke had both just graduated and have come to find out that all of their friends are leaving for the summer. In what probably is a blessing for Luke, Stephanie decides “Yeah, sure. I guess we can hang out this summer.” In layman’s terms, that’s basically where it all starts as Steph decides to join Luke on his daily adventures of being a young drug dealer in the big city. Oh, and did I forget to mention Luke wheels his weed around in an icey cart?

The Wackness is clever, funny, and emotionally adept. Any trailer you watch probably will fail to do it justice. The movie also happens to have a banging soundtrack, and a strong connection to the way new rap music used to spread. It features the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Notorious B.I.G., KRS-One, and more. There’s also a super dope moment where Peck and Kingsley are in a bar together discussing rock and hip-hop music, two genres that have been able to coexist in some weird but beautiful harmony for many years, and even share various similarities among the music and cultures.

You can rent or buy The Wackness off of iTunes, Amazon, rent as a DVD from Netflix, or your nearest Family Video should have a copy. If not, they should be shut down. While you’re getting the popcorn ready, take a listen to the soundtrack below:

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