Mura Masa Brings Desiigner “All Around The World”

It’s already a well known fact that Mura Masa has no problem establishing chemistry between his production and rappers; just take A$AP Rocky’s feature on “Love$ick” as an example. This time around he invites another New York emcee, Desiigner, to lend his unlimited energy to a track. “All Around The World” does not disappoint and may be one of Desiigner’s best tracks yet.

Mura Masa is a man of many sounds, this time going for a slapping trap beat mixed with some lo-fi synths. This juxtaposes the more tropical sound of “Love$ick” completely, but for good reason. Desiigner is able to sing a great hook before the drums and hi-hats kick in, but as soon as they do all of his energy explodes out of him. They way the beat is broken up between the chorus and verses helps create this expressive moment as well and was an excellent design choice. The only thing that maybe should have been left out is the siren, because that screams Future, and Desiigner needs to move past those comparisons.

Regardless, this is another great track for Mura Masa to have in his archive. Fresh off a couple big performances at Coachella. In fact, that’s where this song made it’s debut, as Desiigner was one of Mura Masa’s guests during his set. So long as the Guernsey lad continues to put together tracks like this there’s certainly more big weekends to come. Desiigner on the other hand is starting to hit his stride. It’s only a matter of time before we get his next project, a make or break moment for the young star. Until then stream “All Around The World” below and stay tuned to True Too for all things hip hop.

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