Music Video Monday: Young Thug and the video that basically wasn’t

You have to wonder what goes into making some of these big music videos. Now that MTV doesn’t show those behind-the-scenes videos like back in the day, it’s hard for us to understand what it’s like for everyone involved unless the artist speaks out about how it went down. Well, for this week’s Music Video Monday, we kind of get a look at what happens when a video begins crumbling from the beginning of shooting (or becomes something perfect, depending on who you ask. If you asked me, I’d say perfect.) with Young Thug‘s “Wyclef Jean.”

Before you get a look at the video that basically wasn’t, you need to know that this was directed by Pomp & Clout. A team clearly built of straight fucking geniuses. Take a look at the P&C masterpiece below:

Talk about some crafty editing skills. This feels like how all of my high school presentations went: Totally winged, but totally dope. Thugger clearly had some unique and creative ideas here: the small kid likes cars, then actually drives a police car, then smashes it up. Thugger has always had an interesting vision so it all makes sense. Oh, and we can’t forget to talk about the Cheetos he was eating in front of the jet. That’s the definition of power moves.

Really though it’s safe to say that 87% of the excellence can be credited to Pomp & Clout’s ridiculous ability to work on the fly and their sneaky good presentation skills. I was so entertained throughout the video and Thugger was in there for like maybe six seconds. They were able to clearly show their original vision while demonstrating what happens when an artist might fuck you as a production crew. You can’t really be mad at Thugger for bailing when this was the final outcome though.

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The “Wyclef Jean” video cost $100,000. Also shout out to P&C for that hot dog shot. Oscar worthy stuff there.