MVM: Alright By Kendrick Lamar (FOR 2/15 GRAMMYS)

While on the Kunta’s Groove Sessions tour Kendrick Lamar stated that those few performances would be the last time he performed his transcendent hit “Alright,” a song adopted nationwide as an anthem for peace and equality. However, in a Shamalyanian twist it has been recorded that Kendrick Lamar will be performing the song at the Grammys(along with “The Blacker the Berry”). To honor what will be a performance to remember we’re tossing it back to the video released for “Alright” back in June. Surely you’ve seen it by now as it garnered massive attention and praise, but we’ve got you just in case. We can’t forget to mention the incredible freestyle he spits in the beginning with the rest of the TDE crew as well. Watch the video in all it’s glory below and make stay tuned to True Too for an update on the Grammy performance as well.