MVM: Money Trees Deuce By Jay Rock

We’ve had Jay Rock on repeat since the news of his recent motorcycle accident, and luckily it appears he’s going to be alright. In celebration this week’s video is Jay’s spiritual follow up to Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees,” “Money Trees Deuce.” Unsurprisingly it’s another well shot visual by T.D.E. affiliate Psycho Films under director Jack Begert. The importance of trees isn’t understated either with the moving palm tree props that shade Jay Rock for the latter part of the video. The motivational monologue at the end is also underlined by Jay’s ascension into the sky, seemingly above everything that was holding him back. Hopefully we get more news on Jay Rock’s recovery in the coming days, but for now we can keep him in our thoughts by appreciating some of his artistry. Check out the video below and enjoy your Monday.