MVM – U/For Free (God is Gangsta) by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar surprised us before the new year with the release of a video for his most personal, meaningful, and bleak song to date, “U.” This is also accompanied by a visual smorgasbord full of subliminal messages for “For Free?” which sees Kendrick surrounded by beautiful temptresses while being simultaneously drowned by one of them in separate scenes. Propelled by the ever-spinning Inception-esque bottle on the hotel room table, the entirety of the video is a visual representation of the hotel room mentioned in the poem throughout the entirety of To Pimp a Butterfly. Kendrick is a man possessed by the demons of alcoholism, wealth, and fame which he openly struggles with while reciting the songs lyrics.

However, as “For Free?” starts he appears to be in a trance, allowing the various naked women to have their way with him as messages like “INSTAGRAM 2016=DUSSY UNLIMITED” and “TRACY ELLIS ROSS IS VIBRANT” flash briefly across black backdrops. Symbolism is plentiful in this 7 and a half minute thriller of a music video and while I could go on and on about them, why don’t you leave some of your thoughts and ideas in the comments after watching the video for yourself below.

Kendrick Lamar – God Is Gangsta from Top Dawg Entertainment on Vimeo.