“All I Need” is Noname Gypsy

Noname Gypsy promised us a new track and she definitely delivered. Even she couldn’t handle the hype in the wait for “All I Need.”

Featuring SPZRKT, the track feels as vibrant and smooth as the artwork. Noname opens singing with softness, abruptly erupting into a volcanic flow and handing the baton off to SPZRKT as he handles the hook well. The beat moves along beautifully behind Noname’s voice and is on Erykah Badu levels of serenity.

Everything is everything / A cigarette for wedding ring / You tell me that you love me and love me tomorrow”

“All I Need” puts you in a zone and sets you in a moment of peace. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Don’t sleep on Noname Gypsy, otherwise you’ll miss out on something beautiful in hip-hop.