Neeko Crowe shines on “10 Toes”

I don’t know about you, but warm weather music is amazing. That Spring time heading into Summer vibe. It’s that feel good. Like a glass of orange juice and a short stack of pancakes. It’s pure bliss. So when there’s a new track that makes me feel that way, it’s something to celebrate. Right on cue comes in 20-year-old rapper Neeko Crowe from Houston, who also spends a lot of his time in Nashville – probably because of school, which is where his new track “10 Toes” was born – to add more fuel to the fire. Neeko says this was the first beat he made moving in for the new school year, and well, what a damn good start.

The self-produced “10 Toes” is perfect for your warm weather playlists. Neeko’s deep register compliments the uplifting beat very well. Even taking a look at the album artwork you can’t help but feel happy. Those are flowers in the man’s shoes. And he’s standing atop some prime grass. Not just any grass, but that nice strong green grass. “10 Toes” definitely falls under that feel good music I was talking about before. It’s also impressive to note that even while at a young age, Neeko seems to have a nice grasp on his sound and flow. From past singles like “Strange Fruit” to “How I Know,” and now “10 Toes,” Neeko is clearly putting in that work.

Settin’ up for failure, tryna keep up with the Joneses

Neeko Crowe has got 10 digits to the floor and is out here trying to make his come-up. With a track like “10 Toes” newly under his belt, it’s only a matter of time before the buzz comes his way. Take a listen to “10 Toes” below and peep the rest of Neeko’s work when you can. Let us know what you think in the comments section, and keep on True Too for all things hip hop.

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