New Name, Same Music: Noname Makes her Debut with “Freedom Interlude”

After officially dropping the ‘gypsy’ part of her stage name for PC reasons, Noname drops “Freedom Interlude.” Noname flows over jazzy production courtesy of Saba and Pheolix. A single verse covers the first half of the 2:45 minute track, which may even be a freestyle as Noname abruptly ends her verse before beginning a “Dance with me, I know I’m free” refrain. The latter part of the song samples dialogue which in which a woman is discussing what it’s like to love and what freedom means to her.

The track comes to us as we avidly await her debut project Telefone, which is sure to finally launch her to the new heights that she rightly deserves. Furthermore, if this is the kind of production we can expect on the project then our ears are in for a one-way ticket to pleasure town. The two producers kill it, creating a sonically pleasing track that combines a typical hip-hop drum pattern with ever-so-soft piano keys and synthesizers.

Lyrically, Noname raps about everything from men, love, and Instagram DM’s to memories of her childhood and blueberry bubblegum. Her flow is impeccable, filled with poetic devices that make her words as equally pleasing to the ears as the backing track.

Telefone is sure to cause a big stir when it finally drops, the date of which we still have no information on, but hopefully we’ll get some more quality preview such as “Freedom Interlude” to hold us over until then. You can stay updated on Noname here at True Too and stream the song below.

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