New Year, New Music Videos – The First Week Of 2017 Was Lit

Holla ladies and gentleman! We made it. We’re rolling down to the end of the first week here in 2017 and it’s safe to say that hip-hop did not take the week off like some of us (The Last Guardian is a great video game FYI). Hip-hop made out pretty well this week with a handful of new music videos dropping. In case you were busy, we have a recap of a few of the best visuals right here:

“Shoot Out The Roof” – Lil Yachty

Off of Yachty’s Summer Songs 2 tape, “Shoot Out The Roof” is quite the colorful piece of work. Honestly though, would you expect anything else from Lil Boat and the Sailing Team? The crew is stationed in a white room with all white clothing but here’s the catch – everyone has paintball guns. Let the madness ensue:

“T-Shirt” – Migos

Do you guys remember when Leo won his Oscar and thanked Migos for teaching him everything he needed to know, just to snag that coveted role in The Revenant? Yeah, me neither. But that’s apparently how it went down. Migos’ new video for “T-Shirt” looks like a long lost audition tape. There’s plenty of snow, plenty of fur, and plenty of Quavo approved cinematography as he earns some directing credits on this one. “T-Shirt” is set to be on Migos’ new album, Culture, which drops later this month.

“Moves” – Big Sean

Sean Don is prepped to drop his fourth studio album February 3rd and has also got in on the music video fun this week by dropping the visual for his single “Moves.” The opening of the trippy video is the equivalent of those cute puppy videos you see on Facebook. You can’t help but either laugh or grin at Big Sean dancing because it’s just so damn funny. It’s akin to Drake in “Hotline Bling.” The man is just having a lot of fun so that’s something we can all appreciate. Keep doin’ your moves, Sean.

“Ridin’ Around” – DJ Mustard, Nipsey Hussle, and RJ

Off of his album Cold Summer, DJ Mustard is back with a new visual and his vintage west coast beats. “Ridin’ Around” is titled such for a reason. The video captures the meaning of the title, as Mustard, Nipsey, and RJ are cruising around the city with their tops down living life the way I like to imagine a lot of rappers do. That being driving really nice cars.

“Ps & Qs” – Lil Uzi Vert

Uzi is known for coloring outside the lines as far as hip-hop artists go and his “Ps & Qs” video is no different. His love for manga and anime is glittered all over this and it sheds a spotlight on the creativity that the XXL Freshman has in his arsenal. Uzi takes on the vintage classroom scene you might see in a lot of anime and puts his own twist on it, making for quite a funny and unique visual. The ending is the best part, where we get a look at what scientists are calling God-uzilla-vert.

Which of the music videos was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section and cheers to another big year in hip-hop.

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