Who is Noname Gypsy?

Open Apology - Noname Gypsy Via Fake Shore Drive
Open Apology - Noname Gypsy Via Fake Shore Drive

Noname Gypsy is possibly the most elusive female MC in the entire game, and one of the most anticipated artists coming out of Chicago. After her feature on the track “Lost” off of Chance the Rapper’s critically acclaimed mixtape Acid Rap, interest in Noname Gypsy full-length skyrocketed. Shortly afterwards, she announced plans for her debut mixtape #Telefone. Supposedly expected to drop last June, the mixtape unfortunately never dropped. The good news is that she has said that it will be dropping this summer. She has also been hinting on Twitter that there will be a new single “coming soon.”

There has been quite a few new Noname features dropping recently. She was on the track “Warm Enough” off of the Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment project Surf. She was also featured on the Lil B and Chance the Rapper mixtape, Free, where she did an off the top freestyle on the opening track “Last Dance.” Most recently, she was on the track “Israel (Sparring)” with Chance the Rapper where the two traded bars throughout the song.

As many as they may be, her best work is not with her features, it consists within her solo work. While her mixtape hasn’t come out yet, she does have plenty of solo songs out. In 2013, she released nine solo songs and then two more in 2014. The songs “Paradise,” “Mary Jane Love,” “Sunday Morning,” “Take You Back,” and “Hold Me Up” all show a poppy, brighter side to her music. While songs like “Cherry Pie Blues,” and “Sometimes” show her darker side that consist of lyrics ranging from drug abuse, poverty, and her insecurities to loving her mother and needing more clothes. When listening to the tracks that Noname Gypsy currently provides, she boasts a wide range of feeling and emotion within such a small discography.

Stay updated with her Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and website.

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  • Trey Voda says:

    You’re forgetting to mention her melodic back and fourth “Samaritan” with Mick. Also my personal favorite feature by her “Comfortable” off of “The Water[s].

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