Nyck Caution’s “Fortnite” is a Victory Royale

Fortnite has been the talk of the town in the video game sphere since it’s release a few months back. Developer Epic capitalized big on the new battle royale genre that has been taking the video game industry by storm since the rise of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). For those that may be unfamiliar, the battle royale genre consists of 100 player matches where the goal is to be the last man, or team, standing. The thrill brought on by the stakes of the 1-and-done gameplay has captured the heart of many a gamer, Nyck Caution included.

Just a short while ago Caution posted a new track to his Soundcloud page titled after Epic’s free to play hit, Fortnite Battle Royale. The rapper spits absolutely furious bars over the game’s menu music, which actually does fairly well as a beat on its own. Caution goes as far as to mention some of the items found in the game as well as almost all of the locations on the map (but seriously, fuck Tomato Town, there’s never any good loot there). He does so in a clever way as well, with lines like “I’m fatal in the field,” and of course, “Never put my tilted towers in that dusty depot.”

This track could easily start a viral challenge that sees many a professional and aspiring MCs spitting their own bars over the menu theme, which would only serve to solidify Fortnite’s status over that of PUBG. The developers deserve it, too, as it goes against all common sense to release a game of this quality for free. For Nyck, it may have been just a fun way to pay tribute to one of the rapper’s favorite video games, but this track is quality and will surely be a cult favorite.

You can check out the track below or here on Caution’s Soundcloud page. If you have access to a gaming platform make sure to give Fortnite a try and be sure to check back here at True Too for all of your hip hop news and needs.


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