Chlorine is the perfect Melancholy Summer

Rapper Oliver Francis just dropped his new album Chlorine. Who is Oliver Francis? An initial Google search revealed he’s from Columbia, Missouri if that helps. To be frank, I had no idea before writing this. Which is exciting, because finding new music is great. The initial draw to this album came from the artwork. The cover makes Francis look like a modern day Link from the Legend of Zelda series, which is funny, because Link never talks during the games. This contrasts Francis’ music, which sounds like a video game and feels like it can appeal to introverts, or more so, the introvert in all of us.


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Chlorine may come off with a melancholic vibe, but the project is still perfect for the Summer. It’s got the right amount of bass combined with the right mix of emotions. Production-wise you could describe this as video game trap, or arcade trap; kind of like Lil Yachty but still the differences are obvious. Rapping wise, I’ve seen people compare Francis to the likes of Yung Lean, but of all the pre-mentioned rappers, Francis is the best.

If you’re looking for a starting point on the album to win you over, you might want to check out “Good Life Freestyle.” This is Francis flexing to the fullest. He’s got a pocket full of paper “thick as his bitch,” and his intentions on the track are basically to murder the beat. Which, is a hot one. The beat is hot. Bump it in your whip. Then “Summer 17” really exemplifies Chlorine‘s mood to the max. This project is what you play when you’re in that certain mood, getting in your feelings, and needing to just stunt.

Summer ’17 / It be you and me / On a white sand beach, sipping Hennessy

Go ahead and peep Chlorine below and get Oliver Francis in your rotation. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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