One Thing You Didn’t Know About Mac Dre

Mac Dre as Andre Macassi

Many know Mac Dre as the face of Bay Area hip hop, most significantly in the early 2000’s hyphy movement. Despite this well deserved association, only a handful of Mac Dre songs are well-known.


Mac Dre Meme



However, an extended review of Mac Dre’s entire discography and life as a rapper elaborates on his unconventional career that spanned over 16 years; through the hip hop golden age, the West-coast/East-coast beef, the rise of Bay Area Rap, and much more.

One interesting point in his career occurred in 1992, when Mac Dre released his Back ‘N Da Hood EP.


Mac Dre - Back N Da Hood (1992)

Mac Dre – Back N Da Hood (1992)


Dre recorded the entire EP live from jail over a phone in spite of law enforcement officials. He recorded it during his time in Fresno County Jail and U.S.P. Lompoc. Dre did 5 years from 1992 to 1997 for conspiracy to committing robbery, after he refused to inform law enforcement about his accomplices. (Sidenote: He also went on to obtain his G.E.D. in prison).

The EP was produced entirely by Khayree and formerly available on Strictly Business Records as a cassette (it’s kind of like an iPhone, but it’s made of audio tape, must be rewound, and if you’re still using one you’re impractical and an absolute hipster). It consists of classics “My Chevy” and “It Don’t Stop.” The production impresses, the rhymes are classic Mac Dre fire, and the muffled flow resembles early 90’s West Coast Mafioso rap.

Back ‘N Da Hood has a funky feel to it; combined with the low quality recording via phone, it almost resembles a parody of a project. However most know that to listen to Mac Dre, one must look beyond his sometimes silly rhymes and goofy flow to appreciate his legendary artistry and impact on the rap game.



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