Catch Some Wavey Vibes With The Latest Single “Onna Wave” From Play Pat

Onna Wave Play Pat Playpat Sherm McCaslin

Play Pat and friends might have just dropped the track of summer 2017.

Denver-based artist Play Pat teamed up with Bay Area natives Sherm and McCaslin for their newest single “Onna Wave.” The trio created the song within hours in a Los Angeles studio with the vision that their fans would spin it on repeat all summer long. That just might be the case.

“Onna Wave” is an RnB-inspired hip hop track featuring a very modern sound; melodic auto-tunes, trap drums, and backing synths. The instrumental, produced by Spanish producer Enry-K, sets the stage with chill vibes perfectly in tune with the wavy theme of the track. Rappers Sherm and McCaslin each add a verse to top off the breezy effort.

Play Pat himself laid down the catchy hook, which if you are not careful, could continue to replay in your head until you learn the lyrics to sing along. Here, let me get that for you:

She pullin’ up for the day, I’ma pull up on the way. I don’t even skate but I’m grinding everyday…Yeah I’m grinding everyday (everyday). Baby come out to my place I can put you on my wave, yeah, pull up for the day I can put you on my (wave), I can put you on my (wave).

Stream “Onna Wave” below to catch some chill summer vibes. Keep an eye out here for future Play Pat releases, and for all things hip hop keep reading at True Too.

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