OT Genasis – Sydney – The Hi-Fi

Pic taken by Shak Sumra

Ever paid for something and wanted your money back? I’m talking: A bad pizza, boring book, crappy movie, or… A terrible concert. Well bingo, this occasion is the later – a bad concert. How bad? Hmm, let’s think. On the official badness scale, the OT Genasis concert rates somewhere just below Hitler. Ok, maybe not quite THAT bad but you get the point. I guess that’s what happens when you go to a concert for literally one song.

(Don’t know who OT Genasis is? He’s the dude who sings CoCo (Don’t worry, I didn’t know until a few days ago either)

A spoiler for this review – I didn’t even pay anything for the concert and I still want my imaginary money back. Yep, True Too were lucky enough to get media passes for the concert. Really cool right? Well, It would have been even cooler if there were more than 10 people there. Another exaggeration, but honestly there were maybe 80 people at the concert. The funniest thing was that the posters around the venue all said “TICKETS RUNNING OUT FAST!” The only thing running out should have been me.

The doors opened at 9pm, while we arrived at The Hifi at around 10:15. I thought I’d walked in on a really bad remake of Stomp The Yard. On stage was a break dancing “crew,” doing some sort of dance. It was certainly an experience. Next up came some rapper who honestly, I can’t remember the name of. He was African-American, and played a few songs. He was OK, but not very memorable. In the next 2 hours waiting for the main act, there were a variety of “artists” that came on. This mainly included people who think rap is actually yelling into a mic with extremely loud beats drowning out their voices. FYI, this isn’t good for anyone – which you might have been able to tell from the people in the crowd scrolling through their Facebook feeds.

A few acts were actually really memorable though – and helped make the experience worthwhile. Lee Monro & Ello C were a rare highlight of the night, with some catchy tracks over some nice beats. They realised the crowd was small, and close to no-one knew their songs – but they had fun with it. Their on stage chemistry was apparent for anyone to see, and it was a cool little set. I found myself singing along with their catchy hooks too. I did try and count how many times Lee Monro said the C*** word for the article, but I gave up after 10.

Another notable performance was from a rapper out of Sydney, Lil Spacely. He came on with some great energy, and really had the crowd rocking. He went in over some beats that you could actually imagine a big time rapper using. While they weren’t on for long, along with his hype man Skeeza, they really put on a good performance.

I can’t write this review without first of all mentioning that I actually witnessed two separate DJ’s just playing with their phones while music was playing. So not only the audiences were not interested, so were their DJ’s.

Time was ticking, and we were close to giving up the wait and leaving – when OT Genasis finally came out. Honestly, it was hilarious. He played literally 2 songs, before giving in and performing what everyone came for – CoCo. It was certainly an experience, I’ll say that. You can check out the video below and see for yourself. *No there’s nothing wrong with the audio, there was just hardly anyone there.* After he finished CoCo, all the music stopped and he had a chat to his DJ. I’m fairly sure the conversation was something like –

“Hey, do we have any other songs to play?”

“No man, that’s all”

After their little chat, he said thanks and walked off the stage. That was it. I mean, I only went for the one song, but still it was disappointing. The guy is worth roughly $2 million dollars, and done songs with Lil’ Wayne and Busta Rhymes, he surely has more of a library of songs than that. If you put it in perspective, A$AP Rocky signed a deal for $3 million, and his shows are insane. I understand looking out into a crowd of 80 people wasn’t probably what he planned for the night, and I guess he just wanted to take the money and run. It was no surprise that the one hit wonder, was just that. All in all, it was more funny than actually enjoyable to see CoCo live. My feelings on ‘The Coco’ are confirmed though, I’m definitely not in love with it.



  • JW says:

    ‘Next up came some rapper who honestly, I can’t remember the name of. He was African-American, and played a few songs.’

    I don’t see how his nationality mattered and was even worth mentioning, is that how you validate someone who raps?

    • Jack Delaney says:

      We simply mentioned he was African-American to show that he was a part of OT Genasis’ entourage, and not one of the Australian acts. I don’t know his name, and as he was the only African-American act other than OT himself, it is a simple way to distinguish who the rapper was. Just like if I said, “the rapper with green hair” for example.

  • Shanice T says:

    Do you have the full video performance him as well ?…of the “Next up came some rapper who honestly, I can’t remember the name of. He was African-American, and played a few songs.’”

    ….maybe if you upload the video as well someone might be able to identify him for you, I was at the concert myself and had a good time watching him.. if its the same guy we talking about here. Please post his video up too of the African-American guys performance.

  • Shanice T says:

    I would like to watch him again. So if you got the video of him too that would help.

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