Our Wallets Get Beat by Dre

I came across a funny little article on the Daily Mail yesterday.

They reported, that according to multiple headphones experts, “it might cost more to get your haircut” than to make a pair of Dre Beats headphones.

How much exactly? $14 dollars. Yep, you read it right. 1-4. Fourteen. 2 x 7.

Yep. The price of Beats range from 200$ to 700$, and cost MAX 14$ to make.

Now I’m guilty of buying some. When I bought them, they weren’t available in Australia, I had to buy them from the official site – for $500. Ridiculous right?

I remember the exact reason I wanted a pair. My favourite rapper, The Game, had a film clip walking through the subway, rapping wearing Dre beats. I fell in love. From then on, pretty much every rapper and american sports person you see would be wearing them. They were a symbol of the elite, of being ‘hip’ I guess. Who doesn’t want to be like their favourite rappers?

On an Audio test that Time Magazine did, Dre Beats came SECOND LAST in their rankings. It shows public perception is everything, with Beats being worth 3.2 Billion dollars and controlling 57% of the headphone market. It’s insane. The headphones I use now are $300 Sony Wireless ones, and they’re amazing. I guess the motto of the story is not to get caught up in the celebrity fashion – these people get paid to endorse the products, or get them free. For the cost of the cheapest Beats by Dre, you could get 2 pairs of better quality headphones.

I guess as long as people see celebrities wearing these products, the money will keep rolling in. I know it won’t be mine though.