Pat Ice Drops Their 2nd Single Politely Asking You To Not Get Offended

DGO II Play Pat Jay Ice Pat Ice

It’s 2016 and let’s be real; everyone gets offended at everything. At some times we all need to chill out with the defensiveness, light one up, and let music sooth the soul.

Enter Pat Ice. The hip hop duo from the 303, Denver, Colorado consists of Play Pat x J-Ice diluting such sensitivity with their newest single, “DGO II.” The acronym stands for “don’t get offended” and don’t worry, it’s not an overly distasteful track.

Instead, “DGO II” slides into the DMs of girls that the two are trying to kick it with, albeit without their boyfriends’ knowledge. Please don’t get offended. They mean this in a good way. The instrumental hits hard with bass and features an almost Nintendo-sounding sample courtesy of Jay$plash. Add some reverb, some auto-tune, and they’ve got the makings of a banger. Lay back in the low rider with some honeys and enjoy it how Pat Ice intends.

“DGO II” is the second part of their Flight Crew Records’ “Don’t Get Offended” series. The first installation of DGO is more of a laid-back cut flossin’ the duo’s best Bone-Thugz portrayal. Part two then kicks it up a notch. If the first one is a lazy Sunday afternoon cruise in the whip, the second is the midnight sideshow doing donuts in the 7-11 parking lot.

Per the two artists, the meaning of their DGO movement is “to live your own life and not worry about what the next person is doing.” Stream “DGO II” below and let us know what you think in the comments. For all things hip hop, keep reading at True Too.

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