Inauguration Day: A Political Playlist By True Too Hip Hop

Hip hop, at its very core, is political, there’s no doubt about that. From Fear of a Black Planet to Still Brazy, artists like Public Enemy and YG have routinely called out the upper establishment for its neglect of African Americans and other minorities. From police officers to the president, whether it be Killer Mike decrying Ronald Reagan and his actions, Lupe Fiasco branding President Obama a terrorist, or YG bluntly saying “fuck Donald Trump,” rap artists have proved they aren’t scared to call out every level of the establishment.

The new school of political rappers have picked up right where the old school left off, with Vic Mensa, Vince Staples, and others rapping about issues that their predecessors rapped about, showing the pervasion of these issues throughout African American society. Just in time for the inauguration of President-Elect Trump, artists like Run the Jewels are making their voices heard, showing that they won’t bow down to hate. With dynamic, even funky rhythms, pounding bass, and often a raucous horn or guitar, these tracks have all the elements of dissent against an upper establishment. With the election of Trump, more of these angry raps will dominate the ear buds of young Americans for the time to come.

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