PREMIERE: Breeze Embalm – “First Day”

Breeze Embalm - First Day via Soundcloud
Breeze Embalm - First Day via Soundcloud

Everyone had their own first day of school routine; mine involved waking up and popping the tags off a fresh pair of underwear and socks, eating my mother’s “first day of school” breakfast and then taking a picture in front of the house.

Breeze Embalm is here in collaboration with True Too to drop his new single “First Day“. A remix of D.R.A.M.’s mega smash “Cha Cha” beat, Breeze flows in to give the youngins’ something to walk in stuntin’ to.

Check out our profile of the Bronx MC here and you can listen to the single below and make sure to download Breeze Embalm’s latest mixtape Embalming Fluid here and tell us what you think of the Bronx MC’s latest.

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