Premiere: Leondro’s Music Video for “Hunnit”

Leondro - Hunnit
Leondro - Hunnit

Leondro is a rising rapper hailing from Toronto, Canada. Today he brings us the video for “Hunnit” off his upcoming album I Am Leondro.

Imma shut it down like I’m Stunna

Leondro pays tribute to Cash Money Records on “Hunnit”in many ways, but it’s most noticeable on the hook. Cash Money Records, being home to Lil Wayne, the Hot Boys and the Big Tymers, has had a major influence on many new rappers. This is especially true for Leondro, who came from a background of always getting in to trouble. The same influence can also be seen in Nef The Pharaoh‘s Big Tymin’.

Leondro decides to wear his influences on his sleeve in this song, with the video putting them on display. Leondro lives every rappers’ dream as he stunts with beautiful women while chilling by a Lamborghini, similar to the Big Tymers’ video for Still Fly. The track itself is no different. He drops references to Cash Money throughout and gives you something that’s just as exciting to hear coming from that label.

Check out the video here:

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