True Too Premiere: Some Guy Ty Breaks Hiatus with an Anthem of Booze

Liquor Lips Some Guy Ty

Patience is a virtue.

Sometimes life has a funny way of draining us of our ability to wholeheartedly follow our passions. We get bogged down in the insurmountable variables that govern our day to day life. And the sole restoration of sanity is to drop off and ride the duller wave, for the time being at least. To take hiatus from something is usually a positive step in direction. It signifies an acknowledgement of moderation, a stress release, or setting realistic expectations. As creatives, we never stray far for long.

Today, North Carolina based artist Some Guy Ty jumps back into his role within hip hop with newest single, “Liquor Lips.” Ty had stepped away from creating music in way of franchising his co-owned catering company for the most part of 2017. Growing an ambitious business such as that is not easy, and the stress has weighed on him.

And so have the drinks.

Ty recently became an aficionado of craft cocktails, as he’s drinking “a lot of fancy shit, like Negroni’s and Old Fashioned’s with all kinds of different bitters and aromatic type shit.” You know, quintessential artist booze; anything that Bukowski would approve of. As such, “Liquor Lips” details Ty’s infatuation with the cocktail vividly.

Some Guy Ty Liquor Lips

Some Guy Ty

Interestingly enough, the instrumental for “Liquor Lips” is incredibly upbeat, almost something I want to gig to. I’m listening to Ty rap about how his liver is “on its knees begging for mercy,” but at the same time I am strangely elated and wanting to dance. I’m vibing out! He claims the beat complemented the spoken word flow more so than the lyrics.

To keep it even more real, Ty added in an actual voicemail from his girlfriend as the bridge at the end of the track. Wow. That’s a bold strategy Cotton (all due respect!). Low and behold, the timing of the sound clip fit perfectly with his tempo. But the interlude is more so just a microcosm of what his excessive drinking has produced: strain on his close relationships, which like most people, he is constantly working to improve.

But don’t worry, Ty is doing just fine. The spirit of the song might say differently, still he relays a sense of control, no pun intended.

Honestly, all is really well. From the context of the song, it made it seem otherwise. But generally, life is really tight right now. However, I’ve developed some habits like the excessive that are definitely taking a toll. Sounds corny as hell, but I’m definitely learning that everything is much better in moderation.

Stream the True Too Premiere below; “Liquor Lips” is the first installment of a series of single releases coming soon from Some Guy Ty in the near future. Make sure to check back at True Too to peep the rest as they arrive. For all things hip hop keep reading at True Too.

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