The Prophets of Rage Aim To “Make America Rage Again”

Prophets of Rage Tour 2016
Prophets of Rage

Just when we thought that all of the early 90’s angst was gone forever, rap-rock is back in the headlines thanks to the formation of The Prophets of Rage. The supergroup, consisting of members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill, recently united to spark a hip-hop/punk inspired musical revolution. Their name is derived from the title of the Public Enemy song, “Prophets of Rage,” from their classic 1988 album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and shocking exactly zero people, the culmination of these groups results in a certain kind of demeanor among fan support.

Even better, the group wasted no time in initiating their inaugural tour. Creating the hashtags #TakeThePowerBack and #MakeAmericaRageAgain, The Prophets of Rage just announced their Summer Tour. Beginning in Cleveland on July 19th, the group will make stops in Brooklyn, Mountain View, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, Houston, and many more cities around the United States. The shows promote crowd unity, mosh pits, and classic hits from their respective discographies. Catch the tickets on their website and take pride in that a “portion of the proceeds from each concert will benefit a local homeless charity.”

As for the Prophets of Rage, they began their grassroots musical campaign by leaving posters scattered around the Greater Los Angeles area.

After only a few published articles, The Prophets of Rage now boast over 160,000 aggregate fans on their social media accounts. The group has arrived at a coincidental time in America, one where politics and the social welfare of the country are at an unprecedented fork amongst our history. Made up of group members from bands not known for their tongue-biting, the Prophets loudly voice who they won’t endorse in the Republican party.

All politics aside, the official union of Rage Against the Machine with Public Enemy has always hovered above the two as a predictable event. Throw in the Latino rap stars from Los Angeles and you’ve got yourself quite the mix.

Catch all of The Prophets of Rage and their tour information at their website, and follow their social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. For everything else hip hop, keep reading here at True Too.

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