Listen: Kyle – Remember Me? (ft. Chance The Rapper)

Kyle Ft. Chance the Rapper - Remember me

Kyle Harvey, a.k.a. Super Duper Kyle, a.k.a. Kyle, the 22 year old rapper from Ventura, California, dropped a new surprise single today titled “Remember Me?” off his upcoming album Smyle. The new cut takes a step away from Kyle’s first two singles off the album, but the unfamiliar territory is a well-executed change up. With this one, Kyle really lets us know what’s inside his head and heart.

The track opens up with a piano that sets the mood for the rest of the way; “Remember Me?” is a slower paced track that tells a story of Kyle’s relationships before becoming famous and how those same people are acting now that he’s almost made it. Kyle made a guest appearance on Surf earlier this year, and Chance the Rapper returns the favor by singing the hook for this single. This was a nice decision, as Chance’s softer style of singing fits into this song perfectly. Kyle’s flow throughout this whole track is on point, as is his hard-hitting wordplay.

“So I put my face on albums so you’d have to face the music”

Kyle is normally the “happy rapper,” as you can hear in his first single off the album, “Really? Yeah!” where he is rapping totally carefree and letting loose, making this a welcome change of pace from his typical upbeat attitude to a far more somber and emotional style. Kyle really breaks it down for you and lets the listener more into his personal life. Kyle feels the way some do after they win the lottery, in that many friends and family that weren’t really there for you at the start all of a sudden need something from you or want to be around you.

“Don’t try to eat with me now / If you couldn’t starve with me then / A couple months ago, fuck, it was hard for us to be friends / Your heart is so much bigger ever since I made it big.”

In order to access the song, you must go to the website There, you will see a number on a napkin. If you text the number, Kyle will reply to you with a link to add yourself to his contacts. Once you do this, he sends you a text with a link to and the password to the song. Believe it or not, the song is worth the trouble.

Smyle drops on October 2nd, and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes but Kyle is out to make sure we all know his name by then.

Listen to it below on Soundcloud.

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