Rest In Peace Afeni Shakur (1947-2016)

Last night around 10:30PM the world lost angel. Afeni Shakur Davis, mother of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur passed away after being taken to a local hospital for what many believe to be cardiac arrest. Since the death of her son to a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996, Afeni has spent the last 20 years making sure that her son’s legacy is still alive, standing as a testament to the impact he had on rap, hip-hop, and the world. Her son’s influence reached millions of people across the world and those he touched will never forget that his boldness, and ability to always speak his mind would’ve never existed had it not been for one courageous and bold woman: his mother. Afeni, formerly known as Alice Faye Williams before joining the Black Panther Movement, allowed for countless posthumous albums of her son’s unreleased work to be released to the public so that those who were fans of his from the beginning could never lose him and so that today’s generation could know who Tupac was and how much he means to those he’s touched. From the TrueToo Family, thank you Afeni Shakur for the impact you have left on the Black community and for 20 years allowing your son’s music and legacy to live on. May you rest peacefully.

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