Atmosphere album date, tours, and new music video


This morning Atmosphere and Rhymesayers Entertainment released dates announcing their latest album, Fishing Blues set to release August 12th.

The quality singles released by the duo over the past year and a half makes this album release a long time coming. From “Finer Things” featuring deM atlaS, “This Lonely Rose” featuring Blueprint and Aesop Rock, and “My Best Half” in 2015 to “Salma Hayek”, “Trying to Fly” featuring Eric Mayson, “Fireflies” featuring Grieves, and “Windows” featuring Prof in 2016. Atmosphere and the rest of Rhymesayers also intend to tour throughout the whole summer across the United States and Canada(sorry Aussies & Europeans).

In promotion of their album date announcement, the Minnesotan duo has also released a music video single “Ringo.”

Slug’s casual cadence comfortably accompanies Ant’s classic sunny day instrumentals. The video matches the song well, an alcoholic actor playing the king and refusing to play the role that he’s meant to portray, the fool. The fool ruins the lives of everyone around him since he’s unable to accept his role. Turning to the bottle, he continues to refuse his fate until he looks into the mirror and realizes what’s best for him. The actor takes both costumes and wows everybody, “killing” himself and accepting his fate as both the king and the fool.

It isn’t unusual for Atmosphere to contain this amount of layers and if anything it’s a staple that Rhymesayers Entertainment holds close to them.

Rhymesayers has been capitalizing on 2016 with Aesop Rock’s new release as well as other artist’s new releases, like Sa-Roc’s, deM atlaS’s and the collaboration between Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman. Whether or not it’s because of their 20 year anniversary as a label or they’re just hustling heavy this year doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s all quality material.


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