Riff Raff is Tip Toein’ Once Again

It’s difficult to forget “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz,” one of Riff Raff’s earliest bangers. To this day it still remains a hit, so much so that the Neon Icon hasn’t stopped sneakin’ around in his J’s. “Tip Toe 2” see the rapper return to a chorus of “Just copped a foreign, yesterday mornin’/Still tip toe wing in my Jordan’s,” a throwback to the original and a statement of triumph. This time around Riff brought along a friend as well; Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd hops on the track as well.

While the production on the first track was a lot sharper and featured those eery bells and synths, “Tip Toe 2” uses a more toned down, lo-fi beat with some heavy bass. Top Secret Productions provides the beat once again though, another nice homage to the original banger. His tag appears in the beginning just as it did before and with it brings a wave of nostalgia. While the beat is pretty fire, it’s no secret that Riff Raff isn’t the best rapper out there; more often than not he aims for pure ridiculousness and ludicrous rhymes. However, his verses on this track are perhaps some of his strongest, while still seeing him stick to his absurd style. “Got an F in math for having sex in the back of the class” is a stand out, as is “Reset my roster, she better speak proper/ Could have been a doctor, Ferragamo fiber optics.” And for being the lesser known half of Rae Sremmurd, Slim drops a pretty mean verse as well that does nicely to separate Riff’s.

No doubt this song will reach the top of the charts in no time, and maybe its exactly what Riff Raff needs as he prepares to drop new music. The world needs more new Riff Raff than ever before, let’s just hope its reminiscent of his more classic cuts. It’s not unlike him to start strong, let’s see if he can finish the same way this time around. Until then, stream the track below and stay tuned to True Too for all your hip hop needs.

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