Rozewood’s Truths in “Serpent In The Rainbow”


As days pass by, guilts and truths in our lives have the tendency to nip at your mind like puppies on a heel. In Rozewood’s “Serpent In The Rainbow,” he doesn’t pass days waiting to rid his doubts, he addresses them directly. Rozewood’s lyricism over an instrumental produced by Illastrate matches his somber tone which is agreeable at it’s worst and honest at it’s best. With lyrics like, “Let an old lady by, help her with her bags even though I’m crazy high,” and a hook dragging you back in with “I don’t wanna die no more, I got something worth living for,” the verses lament culpable emotions while the hook contrasts and hits you with surprising optimism.

30 degrees below apathy, I don’t feel that they lie to kill blacks

Rozewood layers the track in history and symbolism with a direct sense of purpose. Using King Arthur, Basquiat, and Langston Hughes, he parallels his trials with their own; encapsulated are those nights where you find yourself alone and reflecting. Rozewood reminds us that even if there may be serpents in your rainbow, the things that are beautiful in our lives will always outweigh terror.

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