Sage the 64th Premieres “Yasuke, The Last”

Sage the 64th

With boom-bap dipped in an echo chamber and a steady cymbal crashing across the tracks, Sage the 64th Wonder drops another single before his LP, KATON – The Story of Uchiha Seji The last time we talked with Sage, The 64th Wonder, he was in the talks of creating sage~wav slated to release sometime in the spring of this year with the help of Onsol and 119 Productions. Things have changed for Sage since then and with his LP slated to come out in a little less than two weeks, his lyricism clearly shows how much he’s developed.

While Sage still sticks to his guns and uses themes that you typically see with his poetic devices, that’s done anything but hinder his progression. With the first verse littered in mid-syllabic rhymes like “The Dash – Raise/Last second in so I’ll attack/Say if he dodges this one as well,” Sage asserts that skill of mechanics and translates that aggression within his lyricism. Cracking a smile from referring to weed as oddish in his verses, it’s also littered in tropes that are common for him yet unique to the game.

Wispy piano progression guides the instrumental, leaning in and out before it makes a statement, stepping in with a massive off-key punch to tie it all together. If there’s anything that we can learn from Sage it’s that he holds a strong, unique aesthetic, pridefully clutching that within his fist. This is something that’s needed within hip-hop culture. While experimental instrumentation is often celebrated, rarely do we ever test the waters with evolving lyrics or a change of common tropes and themes.

Sage is your guy to change that. His latest album, Tenkaichi III is testament to a pursuit for progression within hip-hop and deserves to be given more attention. If you haven’t checked him out yet, it’d be wise to do so soon.

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