Sage, the 64th Wonder unleashes the “Phoenix Rising” video

Sage, the 64th Wonder

Chicago native, Sage, the 64th Wonder is busy creating things, per usual. He literally doesn’t stop. Sage’s latest creation comes in the visual format, as a video for his song “Phoenix rising.” The track is the latest single off his upcoming album Dead.Villainy slated to drop this Summer. The video is unique and bold, two things that go hand in hand with Sage.

Shiiiit, I really wanna give my kin everything

The premise of the video can be described as such: Sage is hella chillin’ infront of some wavvy effects. A big ass purple cloud. Sometimes we even see three Sage’s. It’s wild. The video has a sort of “VHS quality” to it if you will, and was a nice touch by Father Darko, the director behind “Phoenix Rising.” It’s these types of little details that boosts the overall aesthetic through the roof. My personal favorite part is when the blue waves appear and Sage begins to flap his wings, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. With lines like “I do this for my team, bitch” and “Spread thy wings and fly,” it’s clear all Sage wants in life is him and all his family to succeed, prosper, and fly to new heights. That’s something we should all be getting behind. Homies should always support the homies.

There’s a certain beauty behind the simplicity of “Phoenix Rising,” both in its sound and message. Sage is a simple man just doing what he can. Keep an eye out for more music from Sage in the events leading up to the Dead.Villainy drop this Summer. Because as we’ve pointed out, he never stops creating. Check out the “Phoenix rising” video below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Then after that, read our interview with the Wonder himself, right here.

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