Sage & MFn Melo kill it with “CHASM”


Behind ominous echoes and smooth boom-bap, Chicago’s very own Sage & Melo join forces to kill it with “CHASM,” a track solely centered on knockin’ down naysayers and taking names.  With Sage from Onsol and Melo from Saba’s Pivot gang, both artists fire off with Sage dropping savage bars, bluntly saying that he’ll slay a whole suburb if he has to within a beat lapse that makes for a killer opening. Sage and Melo don’t take no for an answer in this single and with “CHASM,” it’s clear that they intend to stomp their foot in wet cement and leave a print in the game.

Both artists have curious tones and flows and while it feels somewhat familiar, it’s still new, interesting, and refreshing to hear. Sage’s voice seems to flow endlessly as he raps about whack MC’s, where Melo takes the mic in the latter half with articulate and accurate delivery. There’s no singing, no auto-tune, no fancy tricks with the instrumental. This is straight boom-bap, the sturdy kind of hip-hop you want to listen to when you’re yearning for raw lyricism. There’s clear chemistry between the two artists in “CHASM.” There isn’t any hook within the track, and it does perfect without. The space between verses to enjoy the instrumental gives you time to breathe before Melo goes off.

The last time we talked to Sage, he was working on his LP, The Story of Uchiha Seji. Since then, he’s released a self-titled EP and has been making moves with instrumentals, features, a game, and also has an upcoming tour with most events around the Chicago-land area. Melo is a part of the Pivot gang, with the most notable member in the group being Saba who’s done tracks with famous artists such as Chance the Rapper.


Listen to “CHASM” below and for more on indie hip-hop, keep reading on at TrueToo.