SINGLE: Sage, the 64th Wonder’s 777

Sage The 64th Wonder - 777
Sage The 64th Wonder - 777

Today, Sage, the 64th Wonder gives us another look into what to expect from his upcoming album, sage~wav, projected to be released late February of 2016. The single, “777” proves again how dynamic the up and coming artist can be. Backed by an ambient, sleepy sample and snares resurrected from the trap, Sage reinforces the track with dark lyrical bravado like:

We on another echelon of getting lifted in fact/so get the raps and i’m not talkin bout the swishers you jacked

Supported by an infectious and threatening hook, the repetition of the chorus grabs you by the collar and forces you to turn up and chant along. Sage’s lyricism attacks immediately after each hook, and proves how flexible he can be. From pushing aggressive lyrical prowess with “savage with the bars aint no sparring when I’m rapping im out for necks like the guillotine that’s dropping on your cabbage,” to marathoning a line and pushing past the beat with lines like, “running through the city with a craving for the petty artists thinking that they’re really comparable to me.”

A very full and sonic sounding single, the lyricism and instrumental both take interesting turns at who gets the spotlight.  With bars backed up by hi-hats exploding at a rapid pace, the bass near the end of the single takes a satisfying turn, showing how Säge can shine not only as an MC but as a Producer.

This single is very different from his previous single, “SAGE LEAF ’84.” With both singles contrasting in sound yet exuding with quality, it keeps us guessing as to what to expect from the end product. And if you’re like me, it’s a great feeling to imagine the possibilities of the unknown. Expect to see more coming from Sage, and we urge you to check out his previous albums, MLNCHLYGLD, THE MUTEN BLVCK, and 64 Wonders at his soundcloud page or website.

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