ScHoolboy Q Shares THat Part Music Video and Album Release Date

This week ScHoolboy Q has gotten the nod from Top Dawg and is set to be the next member of TDE to release an album. ScHoolboy himself tweeted the album will be released on 7/8/16. Fans across the internet are ecstatic for the project, but there has been some argument on whether this means July 8th or August 7th. For now, we assume it is following the american standard, MMDDYY model. Q has not stopped with just the release date, though.

ScHoolboy also just released the music video for his second single off the upcoming album, “THat Part.” The track features Kanye West and the video follows the two around in a yellow school bus full of model girls. ScHoolboy and Kanye both add some hype with the visuals to the song. Color filters and blurry scenes create the world of a psychedelic drug dealer. We get an inside look at Yeezy’s trap house filled with empty 40 bottles, stained mattresses on the floor, and a stripper on the pole. Kanye even mentions his wife getting mad at him going to a strip club at the beginning of his feature. The video also features faceless men similar to Q in his “Groovy Tony” video which was the first single off the album. Now Q has either followed Arya Stark and worships the Many-Faced God, or Groovy Tony will feature stories about his past drug dealer life – similar to drug lord Tony Montana. A fan has to pray the album will have themes of the street life and gritty tones that honor Scarface. After following Kendrick Lamar’s Untitled Unmastered, ScHoolboy is the first of five other TDE artists set to release albums this year. Follow True Too to make sure you know when each album drops and stream the new music video for “That Part” below.

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