September Singles Roundup Playlist

Ahhh September. The time when we get to enjoy some of the best parts of summer while making that wonderful transition into fall. It is perhaps the greatest month of all. With our September playlist we definitely tried to capture that sheer beauty with a good variety of some of the best tracks out this month. From a Frank Ocean remix to new Lil Uzi Vert; we got you covered for the next time you take over the aux cord.

One of the biggest highlights from this playlist has to be the “Stranger Things’ mix done by Wiz Khalifa and J.R. Donato. Clearly Wiz is tuned into all things pop culture and he displays his skills over the music from Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things. Chill and uplifting vibes were the goal with this playlist, helping you all embrace the changing of seasons. The feel good “Cash Machine” by D.R.A.M. and GoldLink‘s “Rough Soul” are the perfect examples of the September mood. With a lot of solid releases this month we tried to feature some of the hottest tracks from those albums, like Audio Push‘s “Play Action” featuring Hit Boy off of their album 90951. We even threw on “RaRa,” a Travis Scott cut that didn’t make it on the final version of BITTSM but nonetheless it deserved a spot on this month’s roundup.

Running for 28 tracks, our September Roundup Playlist is just over an hour and a half long. So if you have any time to kill or need to catch up on some of the best tracks you might have missed be sure to check it out. This also marks our one year anniversary of the first official monthly Singles Roundup Playlist! Take a listen to the playlist below and if there’s any songs you think should have made the final cut, leave them in the comments section. Keep up on True Too for all our other playlists and hip-hop news.

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