SiDizen King starts off the year with “Stuck In The Middle”

A new year means new music, and that’s truly a blessing for us here. LA based artist SiDizen King is back with his first track of ’17, “Stuck In The Middle.” Sid had quite the strong 2016 after dropping a slew of singles that showed the young artist’s potential and diversity. This song is no different and continues to build of his past success. He’s starting right where he left off; more dynamic than ever.

“I hate to rain on your parade / You should of stayed in Brooklyn”

Sid has been a heavy hitter when it comes to blending elements of EDM and other dance music genres with hip-hop, and “Stuck In The Middle” is showing off his polished skills at their finest. The hook is catchy and inviting, featuring the lovely and smooth vocals of Kendra Mack. The duo of Sid and Mack have a great back and forth, and sound wonderful over the casualkimono beat. This isn’t the first time casualkimono and the rapper have collaborated as he previously produced Sid’s remix of the Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down”. Mack has also worked with Sid previously, perhaps making this an intelligent chemistry-building move on the latter’s part as the three seem to work well together. “I’m all about keeping it in the fam, especially for this debut I wanted to keep the features to a minimum,” says Sid on his approach to this track and his upcoming EP.

“Stuck In The Middle” is the definition of a hit. With Sid’s debut EP upcoming in February, this can only be a good sign for what else he plans to deliver us this year. If I were you, I wouldn’t be one to sleep on SiDizen King as it’s clear his time to blow is coming shortly. Take a listen to “Stuck In The Middle” below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Then keep on True Too for all of your hip-hop desires.

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  • Felix says:

    Dude is actually spitting lyrical ass bars over a catchy track. You usually don’t see those two things happening at the same time. Dope!

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